PACS – foundation knowledge and application

What does PACS stand for?

It’s Picture Archiving and Communication System – PACS

Digital Imaging Processing

As its name – the purpose is to store images (from modalities) and communicate with other digital systems (Hospital Information System – HIS, Radiological Information System – RIS, etc.)


  • Reduce the use of x-ray films
  • Centralize all radiological images from different modalities (CT, X-Ray, MRI, etc.)
  • Remote access and permission restricted access of digital medical images
  • Advanced image processing technologies (3D, auto-detect, advisory, etc.)
  • Automate the hospital process (together with the integrations to RIS, HIS)
too much trash from medical images
Save the world by reducing medical images!

What is DCOM?

It’s Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine – DCOM

This is the standard for communication and managing medical images and data which is used worldwide

This standard acts as the backbone to support PACS systems up and running seamlessly while interacting with various imaging modalities.



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